1. so this picture isn’t posed.

    she saw him from across the hall. screamed! ran up to him and just bear-hugged him like she had never bear-hugged anyone ever before in the whole wide world.

    this is a picture of someone completely happy.


    MegaCon. Orlando. 2013. Exhibit Hall Lobby Walkway.

  2. Starro the Conqueror (and friend).

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2011. The Atlanta Hilton: Patio Courtyard Exterior.

    SuperCosplay by the ExtraOrdinary *Danny Kelley*!

  3. The Boy Scout.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. Diamond Distributors Pavilion.

  4. "Krypton had its chance."

    Clark Kent: 2013.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. The NECA Toys Pavilion.

  5. The Battle of the Century.

    Art by Ross Andru, Dick Giordano, Carmine Infantino, & Neal Adams: 1976.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2012. Exhibit Hall West.

  6. The Kiss ~

    Coliseum of Comics Millenia. Orlando. 2013. New Comic-Book Day.

  7. “You’re much stronger than you think you are… Trust me.” 

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. DC Comics Pavilion: DC Collectibles Display.

    Based on the Work of Frank Quitely & Grant Morrison!

  8. A Friend.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. DC Comics Pavilion.

  9. Hope

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. DC Comics Pavilion.

  10. Clark

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2012. Marriott Marquis: The Pulse Lounge.

    MetropolisPlay by the Extraordinary *Alexander Rae*!