1. Power Girl Sunshine ~

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2013. The Atlanta Hilton: Patio Courtyard Exterior.

    Power-Play by Australian Cosplay Artist & Model *Variable*!

  2. American Comicon Gives Thanks ~

  3. Power Girl Ascendant! Champion of the Common Worker!

    Cleansing the World for your Fellow Comrades!!

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. Exhibit Hall West: Artist’s Alley: Worker’s Utopia!!

    Mark Millar’s ‘Red Son’ Elseworlds-Play Created by Citizen Cosplay Girl *Vegas PG*!!

  4. Power Break.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2011. Exhibit Hall East Lounge.

  5. PowerPlay!

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. Convention Center Lobby.

    Cosplay by Actress & Cosplayer Phenomenon *Vegas PG*!!  

  6. Power Girl Body Language — Crossed Arms:

    1. Closing oneself off to social influence.  

    2. Trying to hide or cover something.

    3. A position of toughness or authority.

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2010. Marriott Marquis: Atrium Level Walkway.

  7. Power.

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2009. Marriott Marquis: Imperial Ballroom Lobby.

    KaraPlay Performed by Cosplay Genius *Belle Chere*!

  8. Power

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2012. Hyatt Regency: Atrium Tower Lobby.

    Cosplay by the Adorablastic *Ashley*!!

  9. Power.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2012. Exhibit Hall North/East.

  10. Power Pose.

    MegaCon. Orlando. 2011. Exhibit Hall East.

    Kara-Cosplay by the Great & Powerful *Seven!*: Cosplay Artist & Model: