1. To Me, My X-Men.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. Convention Center Lobby West.

  2. Bardius Maximus.

    Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm: 2012.

    MegaCon. Orlando. 2013. My Hotel Room: My Desk.

  3. Signed by You-Know-Who.

    From the Personal Collection of American Comicon.

  4. Mister Miracle: Super Escape Artist!

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2012. The Atlanta Hilton: Patio Courtyard Exterior.

  5. Big Barda: Daughter of the Fourth World.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2012. DC Comics Pavilion: DC Collectibles Display.

  6. Prevail.

    The Mighty Thor #161: Jack Kirby & Stan Lee: 1969.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2010. My Hotel Room: My Desk.

    (from The Silver Age of Comic Book Art: By Arlen Schumer. 2003.)

  7. A Monster at My Window.

    The Art of Jack Kirby: Tales To Astonish #34: 1962.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2010. Exhibit Hall: The Book Aisle: From KIRBY: KING OF COMICS (Mark Evanier: 2008).

  8. Metron of the Fourth World, Traveler of Space and Time.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2012. Mattel Pavilion: DC Comics Display.

  9. The Mighty Thor: First Son of Asgard!

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2012. Diamond Distributors Pavilion.

  10. "He must have a week spot - - And, if he does - - I’ll find it!”

    The Art of Jack Kirby & Stan Lee: Tales of Suspense #94: 1967.

    MegaCon. Orlando. 2012. Nostalgic Investments Booth.