1. Black Cat. Black Leather. Blue Diamond.

    Mega Con. Orlando. 2010. Exhibit Hall North: Photo by Partsch!

  2. Mmm… sitting.   

    MegaCon. Orlando. 2013. Exhibit Hall: Lobby Restrooms Area.

  3. americancomicon:

    Supergirl: crazyloveangelface  ®

    MegaCon. Orlando. 2011. Exhibit Hall Lobby Entrance.

    Portrayed by the Astonishing Cosplay Model & Actress *Milla Bishop*!

    Photo by Partsch!

  4. americancomicon:

    The Killing Joke.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2012. Just Outside the Convention Center.

    The Joker Portrayed by *Anthony Misiano*: Cosplay Genius!

    Photo by Partsch!

  5. Chloe () Dykstra (and friend)!


    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. Convention Center Lobby West.

  6. americancomicon:

    Daughter. Sister. Mother. Witch.

    MegaCon. Orlando. 2012. Exhibit Hall Lobby Entrance Way.

    Photo by Partsch!

  7. americancomicon:

    Support Our Boys Overseas! Buy War Bonds TODAY!

    MegaCon. Allied Occupied Territory. 1943. Convention Center Barracks Lobby.

    Star-Spangled Cosplay by *Elizabeth Rowland & Chris Fields*!!

    Photo by Good Ol’ MV Partsch!

  8. americancomicon:

    “Leeloo Dallas Mul~ti~pass.”

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2011. Hyatt Regency. Atrium Tower Lobby.

    Portrayed by the Astonishing *Emily*: Steampunk/Cosplay Artist & Model.

    Photo by good ol’ MV Partsch!

  9. so this picture isn’t posed.

    she saw him from across the hall. screamed! ran up to him and just bear-hugged him like she had never bear-hugged anyone ever before in the whole wide world.

    this is a picture of someone completely happy.


    MegaCon. Orlando. 2013. Exhibit Hall Lobby Walkway.

  10. minion!

    MegaCon. Orlando. 2012. Exhibit Hall Lobby Area.