1. Ploosh!

    The Art of Frank Cho: Comic Book Artist #2: 2003.

    From the Personal Collection of American Comicon.

  2. Savage.

    The Art of Erik Larsen: Savage Dragon #17: 1995.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. Heritage Auctions Booth.

  3. The Power of Doctor Strange.

    Art by Marshall Rogers & Terry Austin. Written by Roger Stern: 1981-1982: 50 cents.

    MegaCon. Orlando. 2014. My Hotel Room: My Desk.

  4. sketchtype:

    A sketch, though with a little more time applied than the last few posted.

    Misty Knight. Drawn from this American Comicon photo post as reference. The cosplayed is Socies M. Wilson.

    In recognition of your work, and in making sure that proper credit is given, I am informing you that I have produced a sketch based on your photo of the cosplayer Socies M. Wilson as Misty Knight. Thank you for the excellent work.
    No, Thank you!! That is AMAZING!! Thank you so much! What a compliment to both me and Socies!  If it’s ok with you, I’m gonna reblog your art along with this correspondence on my tumblr, ok? So other people can see it. And, again, terribly honored. Thank you so much! So very cool! — mvp
  5. The Unforgettable Art of John Byrne!!

    Images From John Byrne’s The Fantastic Four: Artist’s Edition: by IDW: 2013.

    From the Personal Collection of American Comicon.

    (I love this!!)

  6. Say Cheese.

    Darwyn Cooke: Comic Book Artist #3: 2004.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. Top Shelf Productions Display.

  7. The Parade.

    The Art of Derek: The 2013 Dragon*Con T-Shirt.

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2013. Sheraton Hotel: Registration Line.

  8. .Hollywood Panorama.

    The Art of Bob Harman: 1971.

    Post-Comic-Con. Hollywood. 2011. Larry Edmunds Cinema Bookshop.

  9. Eurotica ~

    The Art of Milo Manara: 1996.

    Comic-Con. San Diego. 2013. The Art of Gullivera. 

  10. Thrilling Visions ~

    An Eclectic Unpublished Artwork of Bob Burden & Dave Stevens.

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2013. The Hyatt: Artists Alley.